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 35,000 Bibles, DVDs, and Inspirational books were donated to
Eagles Glide International Ministries. They are in storage and we are
slowly distributing them to churches, individuals, and ministries.

Our first large shipment was 2,000 Bibles to a foreign land.
Our second major shipment is to Mexico including Spanish DVDs
on The Passion of Jesus.

Bibles include Hebrew, English, Russian, Spanish, German, etc.
Many of the Bibles are in various translations.

People who are receiving these Bibles are overjoyed and praise God
for the gift of the scriptures.

Before any Bibles are distributed, we insert a bookmark in the appropriate language, telling what it means to be Born Again.
The Distribution Center       Dr. Babette, sorting through Bibles
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Our volunteers unloading Bibles   Marking and inserting the 'What it means to be Born Again' bookmark.   Pastor Jonathan & Jerusha sorting Bibles
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Shawna, finally books unloaded   Thousands of Bibles. 30 pallets.   Setting up Bibles by language
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Bibles packed for shipment   Bibles, DVDs, and Books   Happy Volunteers

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